This is an academic group project made for Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in the Design Digital course in the second semester of 2006. We had the task of developing an animation of 1 minute media with some topics about typography. We chose the theme "typographic in the media everyday" and we were focused on "pixação". Pixação first of all, are letters left on walls without permission and non-profit. In Sao Paulo, the pixação is known for its unique and distinct look. It's not easy explaining it I won't try I'm sure no book/pic/video will make you feeling the pixação movement. You must visit Sao Paulo and walk through the city and feel it.

Finally, we created that media where we tried to portray a little of the streets in Sao Paulo which is common finding pixação. We made a video treatment with rotoscoping and trace frame-by-frame. At the end it's possible to see an advertising that uses the pixação as inspiration for experimental typography. We've earned the highest score with this project. :)

Link: http://www.marcelolima.art.br/inter/
Role: Art Director / Animator
Year: 2006